Hello, Senior Journalism Students!

Good day! Hehe! 😀

This will be our official WordPress account in compliance with our Online Journalism (JO 419) course. First, let me remind you of some things.


1. Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is already available. Please get your copy from Ms. Fulgencio and pay P2.oo.


2. Index Card

As indicated in the syllabus, one of our first requirements is to provide an index card with 1″x1″ recent photo of yourself, glued and NOT STAPLED. The index card (1/8 size) shall contain your name, home address, home phone, cellular phone, e-mail address, birth date, high school graduated, name of parents, course and hobbies.


3. Class Schedule

We will only meet during THURSDAYS. Every meeting is a deadline. Articles must be uploaded in time for checking/critiquing.

In line with this, here is our Class Calendar of Activities for November & December:


November 18 – First Article (Time Machine) Deadline — article answering the question and elaborating about, “If you have a time machine, what time will you want to go?”

November 25 – First Article Critique

December 2 – Second Article (Top 3 Places) Deadline — article about the top three places you would want to see before you die.

December 9 – Second Article Critique

December 16 – PRELIMS — submission of PRINTED copies of the articles and all the comments


See you next meeting! 🙂



3 responses to “Hello, Senior Journalism Students!

  1. Please make the class appear in the blog roll and please change the command to “PUBLISH” not “SUBMIT FOR REVIEW.” Also, kindly allow blog roll to upload photos! Thanks.

  2. Hello Josh. Please give me a list of the student’s call signs and their real names. Please record also the date of publication. Please remind everyone that as journalism students, we should respect all deadlines and requirements. This is one profession where deadlines are absolutely respected. Good day. – Prof Alex

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