Of oilbombs, books, pictures and history

Of oilbombs, books, pictures and history

by Paulo Gaborni


When I was young, I was deeply fascinated much in history-taking it as if as a fairy tale book due to its illustrations and even stories being told. I don’t know why I became deeply addicted to history instead of the common kid’s favorite of engaging into sports or whatsoever-except for drawing and writing of course.

As a history addict, time travel is a dream job. From engaging in cosplay, reading books to “what if” sections of a history-related forum, it all means adventure or even self-realization, wanting to go forward or even backward for the sake of fixing his/her own problem for his/her own benefit.

Personally to say, if I had a time machine, then I’ve been using it in order to “escape” from the harsh realities of today and start all over again, in a different name, place, persona. I prefer living in a late 18th century France, wherein many Frenchmen are struggling to fight against the shy and stupid Louis XVI and his extravagant wife Marie Antoinette. If not a sans-culotte, perhaps a Jacobin a la Robespierre or someone whose heart belongs to the people whose anger to those who oppress was being vented into the Guillotine! Haha sounds morbid at first, but at least that is a part of European history.

And speaking of France and other countries in Europe in the late 18th century, most of my drawings used to depict in it.


Or even during the era of Knights and warriors during the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. Garb in a nobleman’s attire a la  Cervantes, joining in the court of Rey Fernando and Reina Isabella, or in a shining armor, in a manner of L’Prince d’Oranje drinking flagons of mead, writing various stories about war, women, knighthood, and even enjoying the company of white- skinned, blond-haired ladies (hahah), that may end up add into my ideas on my creative work such as this kind of drawing or in poetry work.



But of all the centuries I really wanted most is the 19th century. Both early and late, again, in Europe and even in Russia. That century, wherein most of my drawings and even my alter-ego was molded from, involves how reason and science became a topic of the day, of literature and arts were as if “nearly brought to life” courtesy of old-style cameras and experiments that resorted to the creation of movies and other related objects, including this internet as a media service!


Hegel and his students

Young Hegelians

And for sure, I may have become one of Hegel’s disciples, dressed in its fashionable attire of frock coats, pants and leather shoes, carrying a case in hand and a baton on the other, engaging discussions with Marx and his closest friends-that I, Paul Strauss Smirnoff, coming from the prestigious city of Frankfurt-am-Main, (sorry for using my pen name) as well as others would like to contribute to the development of humanity in the realms of struggle-including the creation of oil bombs and throwing it directly at the policemen in an angry mood a la Blanqui or Jaures and other radicals during the Commune of Paris.


“a trying hard writer trying to escape and explore through dreaming.”

Well… that’s all for now.#


7 responses to “Of oilbombs, books, pictures and history

  1. Well there’s a lot of discussion of historical events and your personal take on them and of course a whole lot of advertising your art work. So, where is the adventure in the time machine? This is more of a personal commentary about those events and characters. But really not much a story about a time machine! Watch out for those unclear dependent clauses and lack of threading. [85]

  2. Much better if you wrote your historical adventures or misadventures, and not just showed us where and when you want to go back. Like what you’ll do or something. Overall, the article is interesting, though I have a lot of trouble understanding some terms, for I am not a history fan. Haha. I commend you for posting you drawings, thus making the article more personal. 😀 [87]

    • I use to read history books and I treated those books as fairy tales. Imagine, you are reading “The chronicle of Crime” instead of “Snow white and the 7 dwarfs” hehehe…

  3. Very interesting post. But as previously said, there are only few citations of the adventure you would want to experience with a time machine, which must be the heart of the article. I appreciate the attachment of the sketches. It is very unique compared to usual googled photographs. I’d give you an 87.

  4. Wow. When I first read the title, the first person who came to my mind and probably the writer of this article is Gaborni. 🙂 And definitely it’s him. Well, I really enjoyed reading because of the drawing and your own artworks, but then the content seems more on your personal commentaries, you should put also some possible happenings you want to change on that particular time. 89

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