Sound and silence

Sound and silence

Having grown up with a father who is a musician, play a mean guitar and hard-hitting drums, breathes and lives for music, I was simply bound to take on the love myself.

My first love is singing. Yes, you heard me right. Back then, whenever I arrive from school, I would quickly run to my parents’ room, sit on the ever-so-cool swiveling office chair, and play the Air Supply’s “Lost in love”.

“I realize the best part of love is the thinnest lace
And it don’t count for much but I’m not letting go
I believe there’s still much to believe in”

Unfortunately, I later realized that I could never sing. Talk about dreaming big and crashing hard.

When I was a kid, seeing my grandfather’s fingers faultlessly switch keys in our grand piano left me breathless. “Bakit ang bilis mag-galaw ng kamay mo?,” said the tubby little me about 13 years ago.

Since my grandfather is also a part of a combo band and can play different kinds of instruments, he taught me how to play the piano. And so, I tried to learn the basics; A, E, A minor, G, C, and then E minor, then D, then D minor – and that was it. I quickly learned the piano and “Que Sera Sera” being my first ever song I played.

To cut it short, I ‘am madly, completely, and unconditionally in love with music. I realized that music is an art form created through the fusion of melody and harmony; syncopation and rudiments; tempo and rhythm; beats and patterns; but most importantly, of sound and silence.

And so, the relationship I have with music developed into something deeper. To the extent that if I have a time machine, I wish to go back to the time of “Baroque” and “Romantic periods”. This was the time when great composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Schubert noted for their amazing masterpieces.

My favorite pianist and composer ever is Ludwig van Beethoven because he could still play music even he was deaf. But, he wasn’t born deaf. When he was like in his 20’s, he started to lose his hearing yet he could still hear music WITH HIS MIND. If that isn’t a beast mode?

His composition entitled “Für Elise” is my most wanted composition. It is the popular name of “Bagatelle in A minor”, one of his famous solo piano pieces.

Despite his greatness in playing the piano and composing classical songs, there are rumors nowadays that Beethoven was a gay and had an intense relationship with nephew Karl. I want to confirm the truth if I could go back to their times.

I will also compose my own classical song entitled “The Cat and Mouse”, which the melody slowly plays at first, then becomes faster and faster just like a cat chasing a mouse.

I want to let out my emotions to the ivory keys of the piano with much fervor and just allowing the music unshackle my listeners into serenity beyond any material or sexual bliss the physical world can bring.

Through my music, I want my listeners transport into a world of complete stillness. When you have listened and listened well, you will hear nothing but the meaning behind the music. And when you have found the meaning, you will hear soon after the voice of the world.

Through the years, my taste and passion for music still unchanged. I’ am proud that I grew up in an environment with classical songs to hear. It is through sound that innumerable feelings are evoked. Lives are changed. Hearts are renewed. Souls are invigorated.

Let us give our ears and hearts to the musicians who sing about injustice, of war, of fixing our differences, of acceptance, of individuality, and of spreading the love.

No one can deny the power of music. The world may have differences; hair, skin color, height, language, accent, culture, traditions, and the like. But when it comes to music, it’s just one race or one country who can relate, but mankind.

In silence there is music.

In music there is meaning.

In meaning there is unity.


7 responses to “Sound and silence

  1. Would you please give your real name and introduce yourself. My only comment for now is that some of the passages have existed in other works.If you are a JO419 student, please identify yourself. We need to give out the evaluation and grade for the subject.

  2. Alright Jonah, thanks. Watch out for the spelling and the literary style of writing. The feature article should conform to its own style. Nice allegory though. [92]

  3. Well, I think that the article revolved more in the love for music than of the experience longed for with having a time machine. Anyway, being a musically-oriented person myself (self-acclaimed), I can totally relate and feel the emotions invested in this post. This is a 90!

  4. i’m not a music lover but i love your post. i agree with josh that your article revolved more on your love for music not on the chance of having a time machine (89)

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