Announcement 02

Hello, Journalism Seniors. Once again I am hear to make some announcements. πŸ™‚


1. Online Journalism (JO 419) is a DEADLINE-ORIENTED class. As future journalists, we must observe proper deadlines and PUBLISH ARTICLES ON-TIME. To comply with deadlines is to honor our ethics and to pay respect to our professor. πŸ™‚ The date and time when your article was published can be seen in the article itself and in the Admin Dashboard. Late articles may have deductions in grades.

For assurance that your articles comes in on-time. Please publish articles the night before the said deadline. To see class calendar, click HERE.

2. So that you may be properly addressed in the comments, please organize your WordPress Profile. It will be better if you upload a display photo, create an about-the-author description (this will be your personal information) and use your real names (and not just your username or a pen name) on your Profile. Your identity will show up at the end of your articles in the site itself.

3. However, I will also be posting your usernames here and your corresponding identities.

lynx2002 — Alex Maaliw

joshtribiana — Miriam Joshua T. Fulgencio

carinaamor — Carina Amor D. Claveria

cristina0326 — Maria Angelica Cristina B. Ducusin

sputnik08 — Jonalyn Mae F. Antonio

ratedpg18 — Jose Paulo Gaborni

superkhat — Khatrina Bonagua

anthonybrian — Anthony Brian Montaos

melissaaldanacruz — Anna Melissa Cruz


Please comply with the announcements ASAP. Don’t forget our December 02, 2010 deadline. Happy Writing!




2 responses to “Announcement 02

  1. Thanks Josh. Nice work. But I know you are “HERE” and not there! πŸ™‚ He-he. Sadly, there appears to be only four articles on the dashboard. There should be nine, I suppose.

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