Sea, Snow and Yellow

I remember I was just a kid when my parents took me and my sister to Baguio City. It was where I got my first bonnet and ate my first strawberry. Or, when they brought us to Vigan City in Ilocos Sur – it was where I first rode a kalesa and munched my first cornick-eating experience. Or when mom took us to Zambales in an island called Capones – it is where I had my first collection of shells in different sizes, shapes and colors and seen and tasted a real lobster. The wonder of experiencing “firsts” is amazing!

But over the list of places I want to visit, there are top three of them I extremely want to see at least before I die.


When I was a little kid, the sea and I were inseparable. I loved swimming and playing at the beach so much that my skin was really dark from overexposure to the sun. No sun-block lotion could ever be effective with my skin because I was unstoppable with playing at the beach and with the sea waters.


Coron, a fresh new paradise.

However, I never have gone to Boracay or Puerto Galera, which are two common choices to go if any Filipino wants to enjoy a beach or sea get-away. I thought the two places became very popular that they’d always be crowded when I go there. Until one day, a friend of mine brought to my attention yet another incredible place to play with the sea.


My friend, Gidi, on his trip to Coron, Palawan.

“Gidi Goes to Coron” says my friend’s multiply album title. I was so jealous of his photos from the place that I wanted to go there myself. Coron is but another paradise to visit in Palawan. Since it is not yet too crowded and the place not yet commercialized, Coron visitors will enjoy clean sea waters, fresher air than that of an urban city, and lower costs of services and goods unlike those others that are too business-influenced to be less expensive. It is indeed a haven fitting a much reasonable budget – a worthy investment. Just writing about it makes me want to go pack my bags and settle arrangements for a week-long vacation there!



Winter Sonata lovers cuddle. ♥

I have always wondered what winter felt and looked like – that numbing cold; the icy chill that probably makes the spine tingle; all the roofs and cars covered by white snow. I have always been amazed by thinking of it. There are many countries all over the world that I can choose to spend winter with. But because of my exposure to Asianovelas, I fell in love with South Korea.


There are several Koreanovelas that moved me in to wanting a Korean winter. To name some are the series, “Endless Love: Winter Sonata”, “Dalja’s Spring”, and one of my favorites, “Stained Glass.”

2NE1 wears their cool winter clothes.

My interest on upbeat KPop (Korean Pop) music only made me want to go to South Korea more. The girl group, 2NE1 is my favorite. I was even more delighted to experiencing snow when I saw how cool their winter fashion is. When I get there, I’ll make sure it will be where I’ll first feel and see snow. Oh, I can’t wait!



My loyalty to the color yellow is irrevocable. I’ve been in love with it since I was childhood. Though the girls in my time were all into pink, my love was yellow. I’ve adored the color for its bright and striking impact in the eye. It symbolizes my personality and who I want to be; that when people look at me, they’ll see yellow – one with intense brightness; one with impact – someone who always stands out.

Sweden's national costume screams YELLOW!

Sweden and yellow are quite connected with each other. In the national flag of Sweden, the cross was colored yellow with a blue background. Sweden was always represented with yellow in tournaments, Olympics, international affiliations and gatherings, and the likes. Even many of the houses built in Sweden are painted yellow. It is pretty much a very colorful country, only yellow as a redundant tone.

My Dad once went to Sweden for a corporate seminar and went home with wonderful pictures of his experiences. When I saw how colorful the place is, the women wearing bright-colored dresses, the fields all covered with yellowish grass, it instantly “took my breath away.” It was a sweep-me-off-my-feet moment. Just seeing my Dad’s shots of the place all screaming with yellow views makes me desire to see the place for myself immediately.

Swedish houses are even more yellow!

And yes, Sweden also has a winter season. 🙂

But even more important than the place itself are the “firsts” that I am going to experience. Well, I have my whole lifetime to spare. For now, I’ll wait and pray (and probably save money) for the fulfillment of these three dream places to see before I die.



5 responses to “Sea, Snow and Yellow

  1. Snow! I waaaant. 😀 You’ll swim, make a snow angel, and take pictures with all the yellow stuff around Sweden, I like. 😀

    The article is flawless, as far as my eyes can see, I can’t find anything to edit. The flow is very interesting, you described the places very well that I can almost see myself spending days there, too. Very good Joshi! [95]

  2. Nice places to go Josh. Please avoid contractions. Please observe verb – subject agreements, too. And too often shifts in verb tense (past, present, future) in one paragraph. Overall, ok. [93]

    Please remind the others to submit their 5×3 index cards with the correct information. They are all required to comment on all posted articles. Late articles, no matter how nicely written, will often get a grade of 75 or “3!” In the real journ world, late articles, no matter how good, are trashed when submitted beyond the deadline.

  3. When I read the word YELLOW in the title, i’m pretty sure that you’re the writer of this article. 🙂 Very neat article and it’s good you have sub-titles making your article to have a good flow. Great writing stlye. (95)

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