Top Three Places to Visit Before Going on a Journey to Eternity

It is often said that when persons are at the edge already, there are always last words and futile hopes of accomplishing unfinished business. Most regret the lack of time to visit some unknown or interesting place, such as the Kingdom of the Dalai Lama, the Aztec and Inca ruins in Central and South America, the land of the Pygmies in Central Africa or some of the distant islands in the Pacific. At least three factors would guarantee that those visits occur – to be alive, to have available time, and to have enough finances. Talking about the real world, not all have those factors together at a given time in order to pursue those travels before the three fates decide to end it all. And there goes the impossibility of actually carrying them out.

Since it is virtually or remotely possible to do them, I like to venture on places that I would want to go to in the realm of the unattainable.

Schematic of the earth's core

First, I would like to visit the core of the earth. Sounds like the 2003 sci fi movie “The Core.” Yes, I draw inspiration from that movie, though it bombed out at the box office. The most efficient way to access the core is to go to the deepest possible point in the earth and start drilling from there. The movie identified the Marianas trench in the Western Pacific, which is pretty close to the Philippines, as a starting point. It is more than 35,800 feet deep or about 6,000 feet deeper than Mount Everest is high at about 29,000 feet! The trench is actually close to the Philippine deep which is 34,500 feet under. Given the improbability of having machines that can withstand the pressure [8 tons/square feet] and the temperature of the earth’s core [7,000 degrees Celsius], the farthest I can go would be in Sponge Bob’s Bikini Bottom underwater city!

Woman's insides

Second, I would like to visit a nice woman’s inner space, a travel through her esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines. Most of you have read about the pill camera I presume. It is a medical wireless device that a patient swallows to examine the part of the digestive tract that until it was invented was not accessible for closer examination. Of course, for me the difficult part would be to miniaturize myself first and get into a pill size capsule that the nice girl would have to swallow or gulp down. Then the visit begins and ends probably in a span of ten hours. The good thing is that I don’t have to drive around since the natural peristaltic movement of her digestive tract will propel the pill onwards. There is no reverse and no parking though! Another difficult part would be the retrieval. That has to be precise. Otherwise, I would end up in a dark stinking septic tank forever! Diagram of a robot endoscope capsule

Third, I would like to sign up as one of the astronauts who will make the 240 million kilometer round trip from the planet Earth to planet Mars. There has been no definitive time estimates about the round trip but it varies from 2.5 years to 9 years. That’s a lot of time spent exposed to radiation, lack of gravity, ultra violet rays and stale food, among others. And the worst is to be enrobed in a heavy space suit all that time with no possibility of ever becoming naked at some time during the trip. And the social interaction will be adversely limited to only a couple of people on the trip. Now, who would want to do that? I’d rather explore the trip to eternity when the time comes and see how it goes.

The planet Mars


7 responses to “Top Three Places to Visit Before Going on a Journey to Eternity

  1. Wow sir! Very interesting! Too bad, I didn’t think of these places first. 😀 Very wild imagination, yet come to think of it, who wouldn’t want to explore these very out-of-this-world (literally and figuratively) places? I’ve learned a lot of new things through this article, entertaining and informative. Not boring like old dusty library books with hard to understand words. 😀

  2. Another very interesting post, Sir! You never fail to have weird (in a good way) imaginations. Although I’d still go for an entry that would tell about places that are feasible to visit. But it’s a really great piece!

    And yes, I kinda felt that there was something missing in the end. I kinda felt “nakulangan” (or is it just me) because I felt it was open-ended. Hehe! Anyway, again, it’s an interesting piece. Kudos!

    • Thanks for your nice comment, as usual. I presume it was an open topic without any distinction, so we are free to have our uncanny thoughts to write about. Well, as always, I try to leave something for the reader to go figure.

      • Will the others please say something about this, too. And the other article also. I wanted to know your thoughts and how you express them. It helps you, it also helps me. Thanks.

  3. Wow Sir! Very interesting topic! 🙂 I was so amused and entertained while reading this. It is also an informative article. I never even thought of those subjects before. You’ve got a very wild imagination, sir! I particularly like the second subject. Though I prefer exploring a pregnant woman’s inside and see for myself how a fetus slowly develop. 🙂

    • Thanks Anj. You might run out of oxygen if you stay nine months in the womb. And perhaps get entangled in the umbilical cord or clobbered by the placenta! The ten hours that I would have envisioned inside a woman’s digestive tube may be too long to have life sustaining oxygen and some small snacks on board. Of course, I also stand the risk of being tossed and turned by peristalsis! Maybe G forces that can smother the tiny camera ship.

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