Once a nightmare now a paradise


Having a chance to go in present or will go back to past is a pri

vilege, some might think that they will go back to their past to correct their mistakes that they have been made before, some will go to the future to control or correct the wrong decision that they will do in the future. But if I will be give

n a chance to have a time machine I will go and wa

tch the happenings before, during and after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

Who will think that this paradise once become a nightmare that brought traumatic

experiences to the people in Luzon?

In June 1991, the second largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century took place on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. In its wake 847 people lay dead, 184 injured, 23 missing, and more than 1 million people displaced. Hundreds of millions of dollars in private properties and infrastructure lay in ruins which would require tens of billions of pesos and several years to rebuild. For months, the ejected volcanic materials remained suspended in the atmosphere where the winds dispersed them to envelope the earth.

I want to see how Luzon looks like before the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo specifically my province Pampanga. Every time I passed by in Bacolor Pampanga the effect of Mt. Pinatubo still exists; you can see houses and infrastructures that still buried in lahar. I want to see the whole San Bartolome Church, I want to enter to the entrance door of the church the real and the original entrance door, because now their entrance door are just the windows. I want to see what is the job or cost of living of the people before, because now one of the cost of living of the people in Central Luzon is sand, which is made by the eruption. If there is one good thing that the eruption brought to the provinces of Central Luzon that is the “sand” which gave another way of living. We all know that Pampanga is a quarry center.

I want to see or help the people during the eruption, probably I want to bring some gadgets or things from the present time that I can use to save lives of the people. I know that in our time today there are so many things that we can use to help those people who are in that situation at that time. I also want to be there to watch how people survive that kind a tragedy. My aunt, cousins and grandmother told us what they did during that time. I’m only 3 months old at that time, what if they did not survive that am I still alive? They told me that they walk from Pampanga to Manila they also use “gareta” to bring our things they don’t know where to go at that time, all they know is that they just need to survive.

I want to see how people continue with their life after the tragedy. It is like Ondoy experience but worst than Ondoy, their houses were buried but in Ondoy when the water is gone their houses were still there. I want to see where did they go and where did they live after the eruption. Maybe I can bring some tent if I can go back in that time.

If we have the time machine to go back in time why not try to make a change or help the people who might need your help, maybe it can change the history but atleast you made something that is worthy. Or we can also learn to the experiences during that time, experience id the best teacher.

Today the Mt. Pinatubo which brought tragedy to the people in Luzon and in the Philippines is a tourist attraction, who might think that this paradise brought nightmare to the people.







7 responses to “Once a nightmare now a paradise

  1. How nice of you Amor! Come to think of it, if we have the same technology before, I believe, the damages would indeed be lessened. This article is really heartfelt for I can feel your sincerity to help your city. Aww.

  2. Anyway, I think there’s a problem with the first part of your article, the spacing perhaps? I think that it could be better if you used more moving words, adjectives, to describe what the then-Pampanga is–show don’t tell. But then, I’m so proud that you used your time machine in a very good way. 😀 [90]

  3. The problem lies in the spacing, so don’t be in a hurry in typing.

    Every cabalen will be proud of you since you, a Kapangpangan wanted to show what Pampanga as of today, risen from the ashes of Mt. Pintatubo, and again, growing and moving forward. [90]

  4. The topic is fine, quite nostalgic, but the writer only described one event. Please double check run on sentences. The layout of the first part is a bit disorganized and quite hard to read. Regardless, however, of the finer points in the article, since this was submitted late the grade is [75].

  5. I appreciate the emotions invested in this article. It showed genuine concern for the victims of the historical Mt. Pinatubo eruption. I for one am very close to the event because I was born June 1991. However, it is better if proper punctuations are practiced and grammar is enhanced. Although, readers can easily identify your point, there are some sentences that are quite misleading and not understandable because of the grammatical errors. Observe organized flow of ideas also. I think the appearance of the ideas are quite random.

    And don’t forget to publish articles on time. 🙂 This is an 80.

  6. Wow. You’re very kind amor.Evidently, It’s truly your nature. Anyways, about this article you should widen your topic and do not focus on just one idea or theme. I think, this article is kinda boring because it lacked adjectives and action words to make your article more interesting and exciting to read. Check also your grammars and edit also your article to avoid simple mistakes such as indentions.89

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