A Taste of Elegance

As a child, I love reading fairy tale books and watching cartoons. Aside from the story itself, I am always fascinated to what the characters wear or how they look like especially when they are wearing elegant gowns and adorable head dresses. I often dream of going back to the era where women used to wear fabulous gowns and dresses, corsets, bell-shaped skirts and the likes – The Victorian Era. If there’s a time machine available on stores or malls, I am one of those who will grab the opportunity to buy and use it in order to live in a dream of going back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Basically, Victorian Era is the period where Queen Victoria reign. It started from year 1837 and ended in 1901. It is where a lot of artistic styles, literary schools and the social political and religious movements prospered.

Victorian fashion portrays elegance and aristocracy. It is composed of different fashions and trends of British Culture which materialized and spread during the supremacy of Queen Victoria. There are various kinds of gowns such as day dresses, evening gowns, seaside dresses and tea gowns. There are also different sports wears for women such as bicycling dresses and tennis dresses. The accessories are also well-designed such as endearing jewelries and hats with laces and feathers.

The Victorian Fashion’s sophistication and magnificence simply captivates me and makes me dream to try them on and live during this time to feel like a royalty. I would imagine waking up and having breakfast with my family wearing a day dress which had a pagoda sleeves and high neckline with lace collars. During evening, when there’s a party, the day dress will be replaced by an evening gown with a low neckline and off shoulder style with sheer shawl and opera-length gloves, a simple but dazzling set of diamond jewelry and hair accessories such as laces or hat. For the wedding, a white lacy gown with balloon-shaped skirt, off shoulder top, lacy hat, gloves, crystal shoes and a set of exquisite jewelry will make an elegant bride. Living like a true royalty, indeed!

Assuming that there’s a real time machine, where will you go? To the future where nobody knows what looks like or to the past where downfalls and triumphs await? However, try to grab a taste of elegance, wisdom and passion to wherever you would want your life to lead on.


7 responses to “A Taste of Elegance

  1. The article made me wonder what kind of weather people had during the Victorian Era, for with the dresses and gowns that they were wearing, I say they suffered from heat stroke most of the time. Haha. But I agree, it would be nice to go back to that period and feel living like a royalty. 🙂

    Anyway, the article’s construction is good, just take note of subject and verb agreements, and proper verb tenses. The pictures fit the article well, too. [90]

  2. Nice writeup. It seems that it is similar to the dreams I encounter (with matching drawings kuno hehehe)-I like to become a dandy, a well refined gentleman. As for the article’s construction, I agree with Khat. [90]

  3. I don’t think you would want to put on a corset when you go on time travel. Please search for “corsets” images in google or yahoo and you’ll see why. But it seems obvious why you want to go to that era, it was really such a nice, and pretentious time for those few aristocracy. Eventually, the peasants rose up against them. Despite the unique approach to time travel and the limitations pointed out by Khat, since the article was uploaded rather late, the grade is [75].

  4. I admire the love for Victorian fashion. I, myself, am longing to at least experience wearing one of the Victorian gowns worn in that time. But I think you could have elaborated more of your desired era and not just its fashion. It became obvious that the dresses are the only reasons to see the time. Anyway, the article is good.

    Just remember to publish articles on time. 🙂 This is an 80.

  5. i thought you want to visit Victorian Era because you want to learn about their history, you can wear all those dresses at this time but during special occasions..but very nice article.(85)

  6. Anj, your article defines your personality. 🙂 About your article, you should widen your topic and not focusing on the fashion of that era and what you want to wear. Elaborate your article. (87)

  7. when the word corset was mentioned i remembered what happened in pirates of the Caribbean when kiera knightly fainted because of her corset hehe, i wish the work was a bit longer….(86)

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