People have various motives in travelling. There are some who wants to visit the historical places around the world and get a glimpse of the past while there are adrenaline junkies who enjoy extreme adventures such as going in Canada for a grizzly bear encounter or ascend in the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. There are also intellectual ones yearning to discover new things in different places and to analyze the cultures and traditions of the different natives whilst religious persons go on pilgrimages for devotion. There are a lot of reasons for travelling yet, we don’t have much time on earth to visit all the places in the world.

So I have chosen top three places which I would love to visit before I bid farewell to life.


The first place I would always want to visit is the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Ilocos Sur is situated in the Ilocos Region in Luzon where it is bounded on the north by Ilocos Norte and Abra, La Union on the south, Benguet and Mt. Province on the east and China Sea on the west. The province has a rich history and heritage. It’s as if nostalgia engulfs my spirit to re-live the past where horse-drawn carriages dominated the streets in Vigan and the houses are made of thick brick walls and plastering red clay with classic furniture designs, porcelain and pottery articrafts. Men wore Camisa Chino or Barong Tagalog while women wore Baro at Saya or Filipiniana dresses.

Ilocos Sur also boasts some tranquil and exquisite beaches such as the Santiago Cove with golden sands; Pug-Os white-sand beach and Sulvec Beach with rocky shore.

The province is also famous for its Top 8 Pilgrimage Churches namely Sta. Lucia Church, Nuestra Señora de la Assuncion Church, The Shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad, St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, Simbaan a Bassit, San Vicente Church, The Church of St. William the Hermit and the Shrine of Sto. Cristo Milagroso.

With the enumerated attractions, it is certainly on my top list for I always love the ancient times especially the house architecture, antique furniture and women’s clothing. The splendid beaches and the numerous churches also magnetize me to further explore Ilocos Sur.

Second on my list is a luxurious adventure in South Africa.

Africa isn’t just about famine, misery or war. They do have magnificent tourist spots as well. Believe it or not, a deluxe hotel could be found in Sun City, South Africa known as The Palace of the Lost City. According to the legend, The Palace of the Lost City is a fantasy world of Africa’s jungles, cliff-tumbling gardens, streams, waterfalls, swimming pools, and al fresco entertainment. It was built as the royal residence of an ancient civilization of South Africa, but was destroyed by an earthquake. It has now been restored to its former glory and offers splendid accommodation in the most sumptuous surroundings in South Africa.

The Palace of the Lost City is a fairytale-themed complex with 338 rooms and 4 suites such as King, Royal, Africa and Desert suites. It is one of the leading hotels of the world with a luxurious architectural and decorative prowess. The interior of the Palace features mosaics, frescoes, hand-carved walls and hand-painted ceilings in tribute of the art and nature of South Africa. The Palace’s facilities and amenities are 24-hour Room Service; A la Carte Restaurant; Air-Conditioning; DVD/CD/Video/Radio; Gardens; Gym; Hair/Beauty Salon; Mini Bar; Satellite TV; Security System, Separate Shower; Spa; and Swimming Pool.

Of course, the tour in Africa wouldn’t be complete without an authentic safari experience. Nearest to Sun City are Pilansberg and Madikwe. Both have an action-filled adventure in a Safari with zebras, giraffes, elephants, jaguars and more!

Isn’t it amazing to have both lavish and action-packed adventure in South Africa? I would surely enjoy and treasure the luxury and fun this adventure will bring.

The third on my list is a thrilling adventure in Alaska such as sea kayaking and Iditarod.

Imagine boarding a boat for a spectacular ride into the Glacier Bay where I get to see lush forests of Barlett Cove, the breath taking mountain peaks and calving glaciers and even wildlife such as brown bears, mountain goats, humpback whales, orcas, sea otters and sea birds. The boating experience with the glaciers or icebergs is already a one of a kind journey. What more when I’ve got to experience the sled-dog race which is done annually in the Alaskan interior and western coast. Iditarod or the sled-dog race is said to be one of the most famous test endurance in the sporting world.  A heart-pumping, blood-curdling and electrifying escapade, indeed!

Those are just the top three places I would never miss before facing my life’s ending. I’ll make sure to travel in various places, collect a lot of memories, overcome my fears and pass words of wisdom to the younger generations.


5 responses to “Serenity.Luxury.Extremity

  1. Nice places to go Anj. But Ilocos Sur is not exactly an impossible destination, since it is just close. You can actually go there now and not wait for the time when your life is snapped. Some sentences also sound like the fashion description of the time travel article. The others, well, are rare destinations. Not too many people, particularly from the Philippines would ever think of going to Suncity or the state of Alaska. Good research, though. Watch out for incomplete sentences–those without subject, predicate and object. [90]

  2. Interesting! You’ve chosen unique places to go to. I’ve been to Ilocos and I understand your desire to go there. Your description of the Palace of the Lost City sounded like advertising the hotel, though. But it was all in all, a good article! Good job.

    Only, remember to publish on time. 90!

  3. i also wanted to visit ilocos sur but its imposible for me to visit ilocos, alaska and south africa very interesting places.. nice article (90)

  4. Very nice Anj! Some of these places are unfamiliar to me, thanks for introducing it! Very well-researched, and nice pictures! You described the places very well. Very good writing style. [90]

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