The Beginning and End

Many people when asked about what they want to do if they have a time machine, they say that that they want to visit different times in the history or some part of their lives that they want to see or relieve. If you ask me about what I want to do if I ever have a time machine I can think of two places in time that I want to visit.

First I’ll use the machine to travel back in the fardest moment in time where the earth are just being made because until now people are how sure how earth was really formed, there’s so many theories that have been made about it but people are still not sure.

       The next time I would really want to visit is when the earth is at its end. By that time humans should already have the technology to travel in space, so I think the time when the earth blows-up its going to be a huge event , they might even have a lobby where you can watch the event. I might have the opportunity to sit and watch it, and at the moment the earth blows-up I’ll play the themesong of the Armageddon and “men that would be legendary”.


6 responses to “The Beginning and End

  1. Please check the run on sentences, spelling, etc. and the usual too short article. Seems like you still get the same comments as in JO 313, 311 and 312! I believe you can spend more time adding a couple of details to this article. However, since this was uploaded quite late in violation of journalistic deadlines and the photo caption length of the article, the grade is borderline. [75]

  2. I think this article is more of an essay answering the “what would you do if you have a time machine?” question, than of an online article. This will be better if your points are thoroughly elaborated and explained. The fact that the article was published late, it’s expected that the article should’ve been done with much effort.

    And please publish articles on time. I’m sorry to give you a 75. =(

  3. Too short! You simply answered the question and not made an article! The places are interesting, too bad, you failed to add substance. [76]

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