Before dying people usually have places that we would really want to visit before ending up in the cemetery you may say that the place you want to visit are different countries or beautiful places here in the Philippines. My answer is different but the places that I would want to go to are out of this place literally.

First is heaven because there has been many myths  about heaven but there have been really no proof. I want to see if heaven is really what people and the bible say, if good people really has a place there.

Second is the Purgatory, I want go to there because some say that the soul is cleansed in there. It’s more of a waiting area for souls that’s that are bad but not so bad and for the good that’s not so good. I heard from our parish priest last Sunday that in there souls works for the cleaning of their sins and I want to have a peek.

Thirdly of course if I have already visited heaven and purgatory, why not hell. Everybody knows its where all evil comes down to or so they say. I cant really say anything about hell because truthfully I don’t want to go inside, maybe a peek but all the way in because I might not be able to come right back



  1. nice article..i loved the idea about heaven, hell, and purgatory. we all know about this things but we don’t have proof if this places are really existing. but the article is too short i want to read more about this places or the adventures the you want to do.. (90)

  2. Kuya Bry,, the three chosen places are nice! I’m quite puzzled as well if heaven, purgatory and hell are real and how they really look like. But I think this article would be better if you further elaborate the three places. There are some redundant words in the first paragraph I think. There’s typographical error too. [88]

  3. Bryan, the content of the article is a forbidden zone. Those are places that you CANNOT see before you die. In principle, those are places that you may probably see as soon as you die – especially if you’re Catholic. Again, the article is a highly personal piece and is directly opposed to the intention suggested by the topic. It also does not provide sufficient detail making it read like a photo caption. Kindly double check on sentence construction. [76]

  4. Well, my take on this is that it’s again more of an essay than of an article. But I admire the imagination. It is best to lengthen the article and support it with more facts. A little research would not be too much effort.

    And please publish articles on time. 78 🙂

  5. The article, or should I say essay, is too short! Your sentences are not well-constructed–you tend to put too many ideas in one sentence, which would be much better if you simply separate it. You should have elaborated your ideas, thus making the essay much longer, for this one simply looks like an answer to a question.

    The places mentioned are literally out-of-this-world! [78]

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