Announcement 03

Happy New Year, students! 🙂 It’s been a great vacation for each of you, I bet. But now we’re back to work! Here is our new Calendar of Activities for the month of January:

JANUARY 13 – Submission of First Article (Memorable Moments you had in 2010)

JANUARY 20 – Critique of first article

JANUARY 27 – Submission of Second Article (How you want a best friend to be, with emphasis on the concept: “More than friends, less than lovers.”)

FEBRUARY 3MIDTERMS – Submission of all articles including the comments and grade given to them


Some points to remember:

1. JO 419 – Online Journalism is a deadline-oriented class. PUBLISH ARTICLES ON TIME. To make sure your article is counted in, publish a day before the date given. You have this entry to refer to so there will be no excuse for late published articles.

2. Do not forget to comment on all the entries (including Sr. Maaliw’s). Comments will serve as the critique to the article. Grade it, too. Observe also the deadline for critiquing the work of your classmates.

3. Please notice that there is no specific date given to critique the second article. You have the whole week to comment on the articles published in time for the Midterms. Only those articles and comments published the day before the Midterms (FEBRUARY 02) will be counted so that everyone will have enough time to print.


Please do not disregard this post. Thank you! Happy writing and reading! 😀


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