A Ten for 2010

The year that was proved to be the best year for me ever. Many things happened: I joined contests and won, went to places, made tons of new friends, loss a few ones, took risks, failed expectations, laughed out loud, cried my heart out, pigged-out, got waxed, moved on, and yes, even fell in love. Almost everything written on my to-do list for the year was checked—all the promises and challenges that I planned happened.  Indeed, 2010 gave a whole new meaning to my life.

Bad-byes and Goodbyes

The year of the tiger drew out its claws and took away some things away from me last year. Unfortunately, goodbyes were quite evident in 2010. Starting the year of, January, the first goodbye happened—I decided to finally plunge into the temptation and got my legs waxed! Yes, I said goodbye to the hair and went hairless and flawless! Hesitant at first, I took the risk (as I screamed a bit), and is still proud of the result. Shorts, skirts, and dresses that are way above the knees? Bring it on!

Another heart-breaking farewell happened last October. For almost four years, as long as my stay in the University of the East, I went out of my special nook within my second home—the Dawn. Frankly, my dreams were shattered when I failed to pass the qualifying examinations for the next Editor-in-Chief of the school paper, even more shocked when I did not see my name in the masthead anymore, as a probationary staff of mine replaced me in my position as the head of the Features Department. It was hard to accept what happened first, for I spent the whole time writing articles for the school paper, for I lived my college life as a student journalist. Alongside that, I also said goodbye to two of my dearest Dawn batchmates, Glendy and Jen, for they failed to enroll the second semester. After tears were shed, after text messages were sent, after questions were answered, I finally accepted that what happened was for the best. I realized that God made a way for me to focus more on the things that I failed to experience as a kolehiyala. Life without Dawn made me focus more on my studies, on myself. Now, I have free time to bond with my classmates, to join events, to experience things that a normal college student does. Talk about freedom.

The hardest goodbye for me took place during the last week of the year. Camille, one of my best friends, moved to Binangonan, Rizal for good. It was hard for the four of us (Tessa, Cindy, Salei, and me), for we are used to being neighbors—just a few steps away whenever we need each other. It was hard, of course, for we are best friends for almost 16 years or so. But then, distance doesn’t matter, for this is just a test for our friendship. Yes, as we grow older, growing apart is inevitable. We still take time visiting Camille—every week, we sleep over at their place. The experience made us way more bonded than ever before.

Hellos Unwrapped

Enough of goodbyes, of course, my year won’t be as amazing as I claim it to be without the hellos that happened. First off, if I said sayonara to Dawn, I said welcome to Comm.Org. March of 2010, my Broadcast Communication family invited me to run as Secretary. Being the only Journalism student running, I was scared. But through the help of my batchmates, friends, professors, I succeeded, we succeeded!

My Comm.Org family let me experienced the things that I missed when I was too busy writing for the school paper. My first production ever, as being the Wardrobe Coordinator for the Mr. and Ms. College of Arts and Sciences (MMCAS) 2010, for Comm.Org handled the said event. It was such an unforgettable experience, undergoing the pre-production, production, and post-production stages. Feeling the lights, cameras, and applauses of the people around made me so proud of being a part of our organization. MMCAS opened doors for me. My talents, aside from writing, were honed; my public relations skills were improved; my love for the camera (or vice-versa, haha) was discovered. Of course, the best part of the MMCAS experience was the aftermath wherein, never did we imagine that we will become super bonded. Almost all the candidates, along with some of production staff, became really close friends. Indeed, the friendship didn’t stop after the pageant. We became a set of friends; we call ourselves MMCAS (Perfect. That’s where we started). We spent a lot of time being together in between and after classes; we attended events together, such as the Run for Ilog Pasig, UE Foundation Celebration, Showtime, ABS-CBN Studio Tour, and EASTShowtime, wherein the group, Lepanto Boys were formed. We also spent a whole lot of time on overnights, eating, drinking, partying, walking, camwhoring, and so many more! Though nowadays we rarely see each other, as our schedules get busier and busier, we still catch up through Facebook and text messages. MMCAS! Let’s get it on!

And yes, 2010 was the year where I got my first official work. During the hot months of April and May, I got the chance to work as a student assistant for the Office of the Mission and Aid (OMIOD) at the Ateneo de Manila University. In there, I learned what is it like to be really working. I get up early, work for eight to nine hours, follow my heads, and receive envelopes containing my hard-earned money. My short stay at OMIOD taught me the professionalism that is needed in the field, plus, it also taught me to value time and money, for each second, each cent, counts.

Relationships were also formed the year that was. The senior journalism students became really bonded, as we were always together during our classes, and during school events. I am really thankful for I found my long-lost sisters in the form of Anj, Jona, Josh, and Amor. If then they were four (AJJA), now they are five (AJJAK)! We are together for almost four years but it was just last year where we became closer than ever. I am so happy that they accepted me, even if I have so many other sets of friends. Now, we spent most of our time together, pigging-out, watching movies, sharing stories, giving advices, dressing-up, dolling-up, and just about everything that best friends do. We learn from each other’s experiences, mistakes, and sermons. Without them, I really wouldn’t survive college, and I wouldn’t be who I am today—better than ever, and of course, blooming than ever!

2010 was also the year where I found two of my closest boy friends: Marco and Paul, the former, my true friend, and the latter, my best friend. The two of them unconsciously taught me what is it like to behave around men. Whenever I need company, just one text and they are there—always there to help, to listen to my stories, to accompany me, to be just the knight and shining armor in a form of a friend. Marco never fails to listen to my shallowness, make me laugh, treat me, and invite us to places (Showtime, Greenhills, Baguio?), while Paul never fails to annoy, amuse, and even attract my love for challenges and impulsiveness, as we tend to do things in the spur-of-the-moment, and we share and do things that some people may find silly or shallow. Thank you for making me feel like a woman last 2010 and everyday!

Ten Over Ten

Overall, 2010 was obviously jam-packed. I failed, I succeeded. I got wasted, lost my phone, went to school drunk, cut classes, slept over different houses, talked to someone ‘til the wee hours, walked under the rain, danced under the moonlight, lost two contests, won one,  lied, confessed, got published, dressed differently, kissed a girl, kissed a boy, lived, loved. In a scale of one to ten, definitely, 2010 gets a ten! Thank you for being a big part of the year that was. Looking forward to spending more memorable moments with all of you!


8 responses to “A Ten for 2010

  1. Yey! I get to comment on you first! 🙂

    For the technical aspect of this article, my only concern(s) are your long (and sometimes, too long) sentences and paragraphs. But other than that, your article only has minor glitches.

    As for the content of this piece, I am blown away, Khat. I should admit that I had a number of “Aww’s”, laughs and smiles while reading excerpts from your entry. Your ideas are well-presented and not disorganized that it really helped me pursue reading till the end. Although I would suggest you put some pictures with it to make the entry more appealing.

    I honestly loved it, Khat! This is a 97 😀

    • Aww. Thank you for the wonderful comment Josh! And thank you for being a big part of my 2010! Okay, I seem to love stringing too many words into one sentences, I’ll keep in mind and try to avoid it next time. 😀

  2. Long sentences, paragraphs, so many words…aha! This is Khat’s article. 🙂 hehe

    Those are only the problems of your article. But the content? It is definitely well-arranged and conversational to the reader. I love your articles because I kinda immerse myself to it while reading. haha

    It is more appealing if you attach some photos. The grade is 94! 🙂

  3. The article is great, it’s as if I am just reading a friend’s diary, but since this is a blog, you could have supplemented it with pictures to make it more interesting. The grade is 96!

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