To Year 2010

Dearest Year 2010, first of all, I want to thank you for being the greatest year that has gone my life so far.

When my pastor preached that you’re going to be a super awesome year, I was extremely excited to get more of you. “…the year of the unlimited,” he says. And I knew just by seeing my favorite number, “ten”, in you that you’re going to be extra special to me.

I also want to thank you for all the great memories. In fact, to express my gratitude, I would want to enumerate the four most memorable of them.

AJJA-rrific February!

During this month, I had my worst break-up yet. I thought then that you are starting to get cruel to me. It was one of those times that I cried real hard privately, and sometimes, publicly, when I can’t help it. But just when I was starting to think that you’ve betrayed me, there I was lighting up with smiles. Why should I shed absurd tears for a single person when I can share laughters with many – those whom I can call my best friends?

AJJA's first anniversary at QC Memorial Circle


Just so you know, AJJA (Anj, Jona, Josh, Amor) was first a name I and my best friends used in our make-believe K-Pop girl band for our magazine editing course. It is a shorter (and more appropriate) version of our original group name, “Anjoshnamor”. And in view of your love month, we have decided to make two days after Valentine’s Day (February 16) our first anniversary.

To celebrate this very special day, we went to Quezon Memorial Circle. It was the first time that we would go there together. We rented a tri-bike that I (exhaustingly) drove – Anj and Jona were my passengers; and Amor rented a single bike for herself. We took lots of photographs of ourselves, of the views, and of ourselves with the views! You really tired us that day, dude, but thank you. Their company is so nice I’d always cherish it for the rest of my life.

And by the way, thanks for letting us have Khat in the group later after this. Now, we’re “AJJAK”.

Yellow-some June!

The previous years before you have witnessed that I never fail to wear a yellow clothe during my birthday. This is why I’m connoting my birthday to be “yellow-some”.

My 19th birthday celebration at Flamingoes Resort, Marikina


I’m blessed to have my best friend, Jona, help me organize my 19th birthday bash last June 6. It was an early birthday celebration held at Flamingoes Garden and Resort, Marikina with my sister and her husband, my church friend Gilbert, clan-mates Mark and Ron, and of course, my ever-beloved Jona and Anj. It’s sad that Amor missed my birthday, but it’s all behind us right now. Thanks for a remarkable 19th!

Ministry-mendous November!

Most of my family and friends know that if there is something very important to me next to God and them, it is my ministry. The years that passed before you also saw that. Although I’m not getting paid to do things that most people would describe as “holy” or boring, like engaging to Bible studies and sharing Jesus’ love to different people, I find it fulfilling. My faith assures me that my reward is greater – even better than tangible things.

The crowd, my friends and myself in the G12 Nat'l Conference at The Big Dome


I know you knew that I was so determined to attend the November 29-30 G12 National Conference – a conference for churches who have grasped the so-called G12 Vision. You’ve seen how I saved drastically to pay for my delegate ticket and how I have prayed and believed that God is going to do marvelous things in my life through this event. True enough, the conference didn’t leave me empty-handed. I went back to reality with much stronger faith and courage to face the battles of life, even challenges in the ministry.

So again, thank you.

Christmas-tastic December!

Forget about birthday months! December is my favorite time of you and all the other years before you. Obviously, it’s because of the always anticipated Christmas season.

When it was your turn to give me Christmas, I was clueless. I was guessing and kind of hoping it will be very different from the other Christmases I have experienced. To my surprise, it was the best so far. I spent it with my most-loved persons in the world – my family.

Family pictures during Christmas 2010

Do you remember? Sissy and Kuya Byx made spaghetti and Mom cooked the other viands for our Noche Buena. We had two different cakes for dessert, too. To spice up the celebration, we sang our hearts out in the MagicSing. I was forced to sing rock songs because of my “husky” voice from coughs and colds yet you saw how I pulled it off, right? And of course, we would never miss the gift-giving part where we open presents we have for each other. Our celebration was closed by watching the movie, The Legend of the Guardians.

It was the time of my life – not because of the gifts, the food or even the activities. It’s because of the people I’m with. It’s a time that I would probably never trade for anything in the world.

There are certainly more memories you have given me than that. But more than the awesome memoirs, I am thanking you for the lessons that go with them. Those moments with my best friends, my family, of doing the ministry, and of self-fulfillment are nonsense if I have not understood what they meant in my life – for your time and for the years after you.

Good bye, 2010. You’ll always be cherished in my heart as one of the best years I’ve experienced. Yours truly, Josh.



8 responses to “To Year 2010

  1. I love the style you did here Josh, personification, as if 2010 is a person. Very nice! As usual, I can’t find any major mistakes in your article, aside from that it is too short. I wish you shared more! Good job as always! [98]

  2. It’s a great article, very creative. The article is conversational to the readers. For the technical side, I think the article is written well. BTW, Thanks Josh that I became part of your year 2010. hehe 🙂 The grade is 93.

  3. Hello JoAnJoAm. Can it be JAAJ? How about JAJA? With Khat, could it be JAJAK? Pronounced “jay-jak.” Any way the group acronym is formed, I’d say its a great group, except of course when the five members absent themselves for no reason. Remember Jona’s promise last Christmas? Never again, she said. Yep this is a nice approach, personifying a time measurement. Please avoid the “It’s because…” phrase to begin a sentence. The phrase is a tagalog expression. Otherwise, I agree with the observations of the class. [93]

    • We’re sorry, Sir. We tried to arrange our appointment at a Tuesday but failed. That’s why we asked you if you could meet us. We did not personally intend to break the promise or sabotage the class meeting. It’s just that the appointment was really scheduled. Anyway, we’ll say our sorries and reasons in-person.

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