Newton’s Law motioned my year 2010

According to Isaac Newton, “For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”

This is the law I believe for almost 20 years of my existence. I keep on my system that after sadness, later I’ll be happy, when I’m dissatisfied, later I’ll be contented and for tears I cried it will soon turn into smiles. All throughout the year 2010, this law gave me faith to hold on to God and that life is worth living for.

Jona for Business Manager!

“…Doing it not just with words, but more actions! Jonalyn MAE Antonio po para Business Manager, MAE kasiguraduhan ang pondo ninyo!”

That were the lines I used last year’s February campaign for the CAS Student Council Election. This was one of my memorable moments in UE because I didn’t expect to win and my entire co-party list in SANTUGON won too, except to our President and 3rd year representative.

Being part of the Student Council is difficult, yet it opens a gate to meet different people and great opportunities. We serve the students 24/7 for free. The only thing we get in this job is that some power, some free seminars, and some UE freebies.

Remember September

This is my favorite month in the calendar for it includes my birthday! I’m proud that Virgin Mary and I have the same birthday that is why I named before her, which is “MAE”.

I had three birthday celebrations; first was at the Student Council because that day is also the Mr. and Ms. CAS 2010 wherein one of my best friend Anj was a contestant (A double celebration), second was at the Chilladz Bar with my co-council, and last was at our house with my family and closed friends.

Even I didn’t receive any material gifts, I was so blessed to have wonderful people who get along with me through ups and downs. I also observed that as my age increased, my set of friends also increased. (As fast as a virus).

My career gets in the way

All of us wanted to have a good future with a stable job, driving a car, eating in fine dining restaurants, travel to different countries, buying coolest gadgets, etc. It’s like living in luxurious world that everybody is dreaming of. And before this could be happen, education is one major factor in achieving it.

In almost 16 years of going to academe, I found out that I’m not so lucky when it comes to schooling. I always had difficulties every time I’m going to graduate.

Just like last year’s November during the second semester enrollment, I had this struggle to fight my 30 units against two people who have positions in my University. As I received my first letter to the Dean, it was disapproved. I immediately text Josh to see me at the TYK Garden and I cried to her.

I did all the possible ways for the sake of marching on time; I wrote letters to the dean for almost five times and it were all disapproved, I cried as I told my reasons when I personally talked to her, went to Commission on Higher Education (CHED) just like what the Dean’s advise me, talked to the UE Registrar’s Head and all of it didn’t work.

The only thing that stopped me is my mother when she uttered the words, “Huwag mong I-pressure ang sarili mo. At least ginawa mo lahat ng ways and October kung pa okay lang naman.” And so, I smiled and gave up.

After this major blow, another door opened for me wherein Solar TV PBA Productions accepted me to have my interns there. I was very great up to the point that I cried because of happiness.

I’m still enjoying my stay in PBA, because I meet again some writers from national papers who I’m with during UAAP and former Red Warriors who are now in the pro-league.

Another opportunity that overwhelmed me is that one of the writers from a national paper offers me to give help in applying for PBA, since there is a bidding that ABS-CBN is planning to get the said production.

Being a woman in the field of sports is something to be proud of. One step at the time is good thing to do, from UAAP to PBA…and hopefully next, NBA.

Love and distrust

A total of ten men having different titles added colors to my year 2010; “The Skater Boy”, “The Grade School Crush”, “The Drummer Boy”, “The Dancer”, “The Co-Student Council”, “The Long-time Barkada”, “The Red Warrior”, “The Alien”, “The Bedan” and “The HRM Boy”.

All of them made me feel good and treated me that I’m special. They also gave me major heartaches and feelings I don’t want to face again. But then, each of them taught me lessons when it comes to loving. They changed me to become more mature when dealing into relationships and commitments. And here I’ am, enjoying my singlehood. This time I trust God to provide the right person for me, in the right place, in the right time with a right reason.

These are the memories that I’ll never forget and I’ll cherish as long as I live. These good and bad moments serve as a lesson and guide for me.

I keep on believing to Newton’s law and that God has a better plan for us.


6 responses to “Newton’s Law motioned my year 2010

  1. Grammatically speaking, this article are not free of subject and verbal agreement errors. Aside from that, you have some glitches in your verb tenses and had some literal Filipino translations. Despite those, this entry is good. 🙂

    As for the message of this article, it is really nice. Be careful though in putting your ideas into words or you might confuse your readers, like what the ten men at the latter part of your entry really meant (Hehe). Always remember that once you’ve published, you might not get another chance to explain you points to your readers. 🙂

    This is a 93. 🙂

  2. Mixed emotions for the year 2010, I can see that in your article. Very good that you stick to your Newton theme–for every sad entry, comes a happy one, vice-versa. Though problems in subject-verb agreement, and inconsistency in tenses are obvious, you’re entry is still worth reading. 😀 You just need to work on grammar and you’re ready to go! [90]

  3. The modifier here “for tears I cried it will soon turn into smiles” needs re writing. Also please assume that you are writing for english readers only. If you do have to write in Tagalog, please provide a translation. This one “to meet different people and great opportunities…” also needs re writing. You have to break up some of the sentences too. Also Newton’s law is a temporal principle which is quite not in step with the divine as mentioned in your last sentence. I support the observations of your class mates. [88]

  4. The article is good but you should translate Filipino words to English and you should have put pictures. The grade is 88.

  5. I agree with Khat about mixed emotions. I also felt your pain in the ‘my career gets in my way’ part. I felt the same way too. 😦
    But then, some part of your article made me laugh as well especially the part where you mentioned the ‘men’ in your life. hahaha

    Aside from some grammatical errors, this is a nice entry all in all! 😀 [92]

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