Recuerdos de 2010

Recuerdos de 2010

By Paulo Gaborni

Here are the memorable experiences last 2010:

1.) Having my Facebook account disabled

It was in the middle of May when my old Facebook account being disabled and never to be opened again. I felt dismayed for some of my works are being posted in there as well as other related accounts are never to be seen nor to be retrieved back; I even think that I have done nothing wrong and how come my account hath been disabled? But then, instead of complaining it, I made another account on that same day, adding some of the friends I’ve familiarized, posted some of my pictures and voila! A new account for me!

2.) Being a “Tambay” at Cartimar Recto

After school hours, I usually went to Cartimar Recto and stay at one of the shops inside. With Kuya Ompong, the owner, we used to talk about certain issues, from politics to culture, as well as wanting me to buy their merchandise like old books, magazines, apparel, even Dr. Martens boots and a flatcap-turning me into a ska-listening “Rude Boy” or an Oi!-listening “Suedehead.”

And unlike the usual going to SM or in Glorietta, going to Cartimar Recto was and is, at least a good alternative for a countercultural experience.

3.) From Navotas to Don Antonio

After years of staying in an humble yet lovely place of Navotas, my parents decided to move out last June. Lucky that I am flexble and easy to adjust upon living in Don Antonio on its first few days, but I still prefer the humble place that was notorious for being “Nababaha” (flooded) but not all are affected.

Yes, I am happy living in Don Antonio. A semi-posh place so to speak, that my mom really spend her money buying goods from Ikea and other things in order to make a former “maid’s quarters” (originally that house was part of a bigger one, but the latter was so deteriorated that end up being demolished.) a beautiful place to stay. But despite all of these, I still prefer Navotas haha.

4.)  Missing my Enemy

“As I looked upon you,
I see a deep sense of beauty
Like red roses and white lilies
Blooming in the abandoned cemetery…”

These are the words in the poem I made 2 years ago, and upon reading it, recalls the times getting inspired by a person that was, and is, “mysterious”-especially after the times we used to fight each other. Yes, she’s beautiful, yet she used to tease me much till we fought each other then snubbed one another; but despite all these it became my inspiration in making artworks and even making stories that, as if a concoction of folklore and realities I had experienced back then.

I don’t know why after reading my poems and looking at my drawings, she kept on “playing” my mind and recalling that so-called “past” of seeing her and getting inspired by her succubus-like beauty. I’m sorry to tell it, but that makes one of the memorable memories of 2010.


5 responses to “Recuerdos de 2010

  1. This is a really good entry, only it looked so much of an answer to a quiz because of it’s numbered form. However, the content quite amused me. I had some smiles and a wrinkled forehead through reading this post. Nicely done, I should say. I rejoice with you as you remember your memorable 2010!

    Then again, please remember to publish your articles on time. This is an 85.

  2. This one has lots of errors in sentence construction. Sentences that need to be re written into simple subject-predicate-object format. The messy composition is all over the article. There is also that hatefulness that the writer cannot get over with. He is still obsessed about that person! Creating her in the author’s drawings only draw out more hate and contempt. There’s just nothing positive about it. The numbered paragraph also makes it appear as if it is an outline for a powerpoint presentation. The writer should have completed the sentences and organized the paragraphs to make them more readable and understandable. And what is “semi posh?” It is either posh or not. I think this one was rushed. But despite the rush, it was uploaded late and therefore rejected as a legit article. [74]

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