During my high school days I have a group of friends whom I consider my best friends.We shared so much fun together, the only problem with us thinking back now we seem to be invo9lved n fights to frequently. All of us met in a single place in the garden, our school have one and we seem to have decided to hang-out there during breaks for no apparent except for the seats. We all met when we were just first year highschool.


Our group was known during our highschool days because as ive said we get intpo fights frequently and the principal of our school always calls on us during breaks because the garden is near the principal’s office and we were really noisy.

When we graduated during the first two years all of us tried to stay connected with each other and we succeeded at first, but because we go to different colleges staying connected is not easy. As the years go by all of us gradually lost contact with each other because some moved to other places.

Sadly the last time we were all together was at a funeral two years ago, one of my best friend Ryan died because of leukemia. All of us was surprised because he didn’t said anything to us. Sad as the event may seem  looking back I’m happy that we were all there complete to say goodbye to a good friend.




2 responses to “A GANG OF FRIENDS

  1. Well, obviously there are a lot in this article that’s missing. Grammar is acceptable but the article is lacking. It’s too short and can still be modified. Besides, there are no emphasis on the more-than-friends-less-than-lovers concept.

    And please, remember to publish on time. 80!

  2. I thought we are into the mushy romantic type article? This one is for macho type I guess complete with gang wars and innumerable fights. Great, how about tattoos and prison time? So, in short this is not the article that the class envisions. The proofreading is terrible, too. This is not for college level. We should progress. Please do better next time. [73]

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