He Said, She Said

He said she is his best friend, the friend that he’s been searching for a long time. It was a surprise, an unexpected turn of events. He never thought that of all people, it was her who’ll give her his much-needed shoulder to lean on.

She said he is his one and only boy, the man he’s been dreaming for a long time. It was a shock, a twist in her planned life. She never thought that the guy sitting behind her all those years will be the one being beside her all this time.

He is thankful; grateful for the company she gives, for the time she spends with him. Though she never heard him speak of it, he was proud of her. He doesn’t deserve anything of this, for all he ever dreamt of was someone to understand his one-of-a-kind deeds.

She is pleased; thrilled with the attention he gives, for the interest he shows in her. Though she freely expresses her appreciation, she still controls her feelings. She believes she doesn’t deserve the affection, for she thinks that she’s nothing compare to everything he may have.

He freely enters her life—listens to her past, present, and future plans. He may not react most of the time, but whenever he’s not with her, he shares her stories with other people. He’s proud of what she’s had, and what she may have. It is weird, yet, unconsciously, it feels good.

She struggles to get him out of his shell. She listens, motivates, and analyzes his every rant. She may appear too much into him—always there to talk to, go with. She’s proud of being the only one who can and may enter his life. It is never easy, yet, it is worth it.

He enters her home without hesitation. He walks through the door, straight to her room. He knows he’s always welcome in her nook. He greets her family, friends, pet, as if he knows them all this time. He sits and eats and converses, notwithstanding what her relatives may think of him.

She goes into his dwelling through his stories. She listens to his voice through the phone as he opens the gate, greets his dogs, meets his parents, goes to his room, and even as he uses the comfort room. She imagines his home through his description, envisioning as if she’s already been there. She patiently waits as he does his chores, talking through him via loudspeaker.

He’s not pressured to look good whenever he’s with her. She has seen him from head to toe, sans baths, fancy clothes. He knows that she accepts him—flaws and all. Even without making an effort to look nice, he knows that he’ll still be the only man he’ll ever compliment.

She always makes an effort to look good for him. She strives so hard each and every time she’ll see him to be the best she can be. She dolls-up as if every day with him is a “date.” The effort that she makes is all worth it whenever he notices something about her looks. A tease is much better than nothing.

He calls and texts her whenever he wants to share something. Whether it may be as shallow as “I’m here’s” to as complicated as “I fought with…” He knows that in just a dial, she’s there on the other line, ready to boost his mood through her constant support. He wonders why she rarely opens up as much as he does to her. But he’s just ever-thankful that she never fails to listen to his ramblings.

She’s always ready to answer to his needs. In just a call, just a text, she gamely listens to his stories. From his whereabouts, whatabouts, to his studies, family, and even, love life. Yes, it hurts her hearing other people wanting him as much as she wants him. But then, she knows that she’s the only one he ever trusted his whole life with. She’s grateful that of all people, he’s the one he shares his life with.

He asks her out as so-much like what couples do in a relationship. Though he knows that wherever he brings her, he’s as cowboy as any other man. From street vendors to fancy bars, he never forgets to at least share his hard-earned money even if he rarely gets one. Yes, he saves for future planned parties with his friends, but it’s nothing compared to the spontaneous moments with her whenever out-of-the-blue he says “Let’s go out!”

She knows that whenever she craves for the intimacy she needs, he’s there to fill it. He’s her go- to person whenever she wants to try something, go somewhere. So much like a boyfriend, he’s there to make her feel special through the attention and time he willingly gives. She asks her out, why not. She treats him, cooks for him, make him feel like a man. It’s satisfies her whenever he thanks her and appreciates what she does.

He may be single for now, yet he feels so much loved. Even if she doesn’t say it, he knows that she feels that way. He’s so happy having someone who fawns over him—without asking anything in return. He never imagines them being a real couple. The thought is just absurd.

She’s still waiting for the commitment she needs. She may have someone she loves, yet she’s not sure whether he’s her “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Right Now.”  She’s happy with the company, the intimacy he gives—though she knows that it’s just a best friend thing. Yes, she imagines them as a couple. The thought is motivates her to not give him up.

He knows that someday, someone will get her from him. But never mind that day, for now, it’s him that she wants. He hopes that she’ll come to her senses years, even decades, from now. He knows that she tries to keep away people from his life. But he understands, for somehow, that is what he is secretly doing now.

She knows that the day that she dreads is nearing—the time where he’ll finally find someone to love. She doesn’t want that day to happen, that’s why she tries so hard to knock him back to his senses. Every day, she shows him that what he wants and needs is just right in front of him. She ignores those who willingly may give her the assurance that she wants, for she’s hoping. She may be the best friend for now, but who knows, at least she already has a big place in his heart.

She believes that what is a vague, general feeling of friendship and trust is already a passionate commitment—there’s no need defining it. Before any declaration, she believes that there is real love between them, more than they explicitly recognize. Yes, an expression of love may change everything, yet it expresses what is, in some way she believes, already present.

*Better late, even without grade, than never. Sorry. 😦


3 responses to “He Said, She Said

  1. “Better late, even without grade, than never. ” is not an acceptable excuse in journalism and you know that very well having been a writer in your school papers! The article’s too long and reads too much like having an infatuation? So what do all those events define? Are they about more than friends or almost lovers thing? Anyhow, since this was uploaded late –75 and do better next time.

  2. I agree that, again, it’s a long article. But I appreciate the contents of this entry. For me it was too open-ended and no clear conclusions was discussed on defining the more than friends, less than lovers concept. I’m thinking of it as your own dear-diary sentiments in real life. But then again, regardless of the concept, this is a good read, only too long. 🙂

    If my grade will still be counted, this is an 80. Publish on time. 😀

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