We always love experimenting. The fun of figuring out for ourselves whether a thing is gonna work or not is like no other. It’s a feeling of surprise that we would never exchange for planned or detailed activities.

In the same way, we also love food so much. Nothing can give us joy and satisfaction the way our favorite foods do to us. It’s even more delightful to discover new cuisines, desserts or snacks that we taste for the first time and then we can’t get enough of suddenly.

I am not a food or culinary connoisseur but I know how to cook, bake and the likes. And I can put together the previously said things we all love – food and experimenting. It is a risk to go through trial-and-many-errors but in the end, once you get it right, it is a great fulfillment.

Cheesy and Meaty French Toasts


Crazy about French toasts!

When I was a kid, the only recipe I’m interested to master is the French toast. My dad used to make them every once in a while for the family’s breakfast. Now that I have mastered it, it’s time to play experiment!


The first thing I’d like to do with an already cheese-filled French toast is make it even more cheesy. To start, the mixture of milk and beaten egg where the cheese sandwich will be dipped will be added grated cheese (melted or cream cheese may work best, too). This Is so when the cheese sandwich is dipped, the cheese from the mixture comes along with it and they’re both ready to be cooked in a frying pan. While cooking, the toast must be constantly flattened because it continuously expands while in pan. Then, voila! A cheesy French toast!

Next is to create an empanada-like French toast. This time, it could be any kind of meat – chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc. To create this, I will start by making the meat sandwich. If I would use chicken meat, the meat must be removed from its bones and separated into bite-sized pieces. The meat is now ready to become a sandwich filling. Once the sandwich is done, it shall be dipped into the milk and beaten egg mixture and cooked in a frying pan. Yummy, meaty French toast!

Jap Chae Noodles


Jap Chae stir-fried to Jap Chae noodle soup? Not a problem!

When I grew a little older, in a time where Asian series became a hit in our country, my interest went from French to Korean. Now I wanted to create Jap Chae noodles of my own, but, with a twist.


Jap Chae is a stir-fried noodle recipe. But mine will be stir-fried no more. Jap Chae noodle soup experiment, coming up!

Instead of using glass or sotangjon noodles, I will just use noodles from an instant noodle pack. I will first put the other ingredients such as the mushrooms, the veggies, chilies, and beef, until they are cooked. I will put garlic powder, some pepper and basil leaves to put a little more taste to my Jap Chae. I will add the noodles as a final ingredient. Once the noodles is ready, I will add some butter and chili powder to make it creamy and give it a little more color. Poof! A Jap Chae noodle soup!

Chocolate Chip Strawberry Oatmeal Cookie

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie? Add strawberries!

One of my baking dilemmas is to create a replica of the oatmeal cookie. I love oatmeal for breakfast and I’ve loved oatmeal cookies since my first bite. The very first time I succeeded in making the oatmeal cookie, it was indeed a thrill! I was so delighted I only shared two cookies with my brother when I made a dozen!

But here’s the thing, oatmeal cookies can be even more delectable if we experiment!

We’ll stick with the original oatmeal recipe. Only we will add chocolate chips with the cookie dough mix and some blended strawberries. It would be best to just blend them lightly so the cookies would still have little strawberry chunks on it. I could just imagine how it would look and taste like! Now, I’m already craving!

Yes, the fun of experimenting is like no other, even more enjoyable when we do it with the ever satisfying food. I guess I’m going to keep food experimenting, going through trial-and-errors until I succeed.



5 responses to “Food-periment!

  1. Please don’t forget article “while in pan, “where Asian series.” Please observe number “Once the noodles is ready.” Avoid shifting numbers, “I” and “we” in one paragraph. Overall, nice and easy reading and nice topic discussed but published late. Journ is one course (and later profession) that strictly respects deadlines. [85]

  2. Josh, reminder for Thursday, 17 March. Please submit to me all printouts of articles and comments plus the usual summary of the comments made on other articles and comments received. I need to compute grades in advance for the graduating class. Thank you.

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