Let’s take a peek in our imaginary crystal ball. Ten years from now, from 2011 to 2021, what will be the future of the AB Journalism batch 2011 of UE?


As a part of our weekly QT (Quality Time), my husband and I never fail to watch the PBA game together. All thanks to Jona, who never forgets to give us tickets for just about every game. All this time, I know that Jona will make it big in the arena of sports writing. Being trained during our stay in the Dawn, from covering the UAAP games, to being an intern of Solar TV (which used to host PBA ten years ago), Jona is perfect for the job. Now, she works for ABS-CBN Sports, and covers not just basketball games but as well as other sporting events. Lucky her, she even got the chance to watch the last fight of Manny Pacquiao five years ago in Las Vegas! Of course, she’s also happily married with an athlete she met during one of her coverages. They have two children who, at a very young age, are showing signs of being the next big thing in sports. Good for them.

After watching the game, we invited Jona and her husband for dinner. It was as if nothing’s changed. Jona and I are still the same; we still share the same opinions and quirkiness, we still act a little bit childish. We chatted about our Dawn batchmates: Marcus, who is now a well-respected neurosurgeon, in-demand all-around artist, and is having his third art exhibit for the year; Glendy, who is so busy with their family business with his husband Carl (who’s on TV most of the time, from being just an “extra,” to a leading man!), and Jen, who’s into business, too, with Chuckie. We planned to get-together by this week, after work.

We got home around 11pm, our son already fast asleep. I took a bath, and immediately checked who’s online. Yes, Amor! After working for CLTV for two years just after graduation, seven years ago, Amor decided to stay with her parents in Paris, France. With the help of her experience in CLTV as a segment producer/writer, she got in easily in one of the finest fashion magazines in Paris. Imagine, Amor, who blames me for her being vain when we were in college, is now working with clothes, shoes, and make-up! We Skype-d for hours! She’s still having problems on whether to get married with her boyfriend or not. What’s new? She still asks me for advice, shares her stories, even though we’re miles apart. I said to her to not miss me that much anymore, for this summer, AJJAK is planning to visit her! I reminded her to prepare the newest Prada satchel and my favorite Hermes perfume, as I am going to pick it up this time by myself!

The morning after, a Sunday! My husband, my son, and I heard the mass, and then went straight to the mall to catch the latest movie. Arriving at Glorietta, we bumped into Josh! Josh, who is now a full-time head writer for GMA7, a freelance writer for several magazines, is also one heck of an events organizer. Coincidently, she’s having an event here at Glorietta, a product launch of the newest paper-thin Plasma TV! Of course, we ended up attending Josh’s affair. My son loves the TV so much that she begs her Ninang Josh to give him one. Too bad, Josh didn’t give in! We asked Josh if she likes to come with us, but she told us that her ride is on the way, only a little bit late as her husband preached at a service before going there with their children. Still, Sunday is family day for Josh.

So we ended up not watching the movies and just went shopping. I let my boys go into the arcades as I go and visit the bookstore. As I was browsing the latest magazines, I stumbled upon the newest Summit Media Books offering—My Rockstar Boyfriend by Angelica Ducusin. So this is what Anj was talking about! I excitedly dialed Anj’s number and told her that I’ll buy the book! Though I feel that somehow, I already know the story. Anj now works for Summit Media, she writes for Cosmopolitan, Candy Magazine, and also for books. Being good with playing with words and being fond of pocketbooks, I know Anj is fit for her job. We exchanged stories as if we’re not talking through our cellphones. Anj, too, is happily married. After almost an hour of talking, we bid goodbye, paid my purchases, and I went to see what the boys are up to.

We went home, put my son into bed, and switched on the TV. What’s new, again, in the news, is Paolo Gaborni, the representative of Anakbayan Partylist. I am not surprised, ever since when we were in college, Gabo, as a tibak is something we all know. And I am so proud of him, speaking eloquently, fighting for his idealism, doing what he does best. And yes, he finally found the love of his life, through a rally he organized at Mendiola just last year.

Before going to sleep, I opened the magazines I bought—one about travel and living, and the other one for my son, a magazine for otakus or anime lovers. As I flip the pages, I saw a familiar name just under the article entitled Travel under 10k, by Melissa Cruz! Wow. So this is what she’s up to. I haven’t heard from her (with the exception of her Facebook updates) for the longest time! Finally, Mel is fulfilling her dreams to be a magazine writer. So that’s why her online albums are all about the beautiful places she’s been to, for she’s a travel writer now.

Then, out of curiosity, I browsed the anime magazine, and I was shocked to see another name! Brian Montaos, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine I’m holding right now! Wow! Good for him, I know that he’s such an anime lover, and being a writer for what he’s passionate about is indeed, an achievement. This is his thing, and I’m so proud of him. I took note to find both Mel and Kuya Brian’s numbers by tomorrow; I’m excited for their stories!

Two days of fun-filled events, two days of memories flashing back. I can’t believe how we ended up being who we are now. From only traversing the streets of Recto, to crossing date lines; from toting the beige uniforms, to branded clothes; from being nobodys to now somebodys. What a dream come true. Sigh.



3 responses to “2021

  1. What? My husband is gonna be a pastor?! Hahaha! Cool! I love this article! And it is very evident that you have unique styles. And this is a much shorter article than the previous. Yehey! 89

  2. i love your article, i want to work in Pampanga after graduation but too bad im leaving soon, your article is great i really love it (95)

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