Food masterpiece

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And that’s why my mother easily caught my father’s affections by simply giving him delicious foods that the eyes have ever seen or the mouth tasted. Unluckily, I haven’t got that cooking skill of my mother that every woman should possessed off. I can’t cook except frying hotdogs, a not-so-perfect egg, and preparing instant foods. Of course even cooking rice, I can’t do that. I’ am only good when it comes to eating and tasting foods.

I usually go home late and there’s no more food to eat, that’s why I have to prepare my food on my own. Since I have no talent in cooking, I used to experiment dishes using foods and ingredients available. And with that, I made different food masterpieces such as Floating Hotdog,Hotdog with a twist and Fried Cream O’.

Practice makes perfect! 🙂

Floating Hotdog and Hotdog with a Twist

Hotdog is my best friend when there is no food to eat at home. I’ll just check the refrigerator and there are always hotdogs to ease my hunger. I’m just tired of eating it fried that’s why I came up with my own recipe to it.

For Floating Hotdog, I’ll just cut the hotdogs into small ones and sauté them together with the garlic and onion. Then I’ll add the Del Monte Banana Catsup and Del Monte Sweet and Chili Catsup. It depends how much catsup you’ll add to the amount of hotdog you want to cook.And lastly, wait for just 25 minutes until the sauce is thickened.

On the other hand, my preparation for the Hotdog with a Twist is just by topping the hotdog with spicy alamang plus sweet and chili catsup. Sometimes I eat it together with rice. I always enjoy eating spicy foods that’s why I always add chili to my dishes.

Fried Cream O’

Fried Creme-O’

I habitually end up sleeping late that’s why I have my midnight snacks to add up energy. I always have my junkfoods, cookies, coffee, and other unhealthy foods just to keep me awake. The Fried Cream O’ is just a recipe I learned on the Internet which is originally Fried Oreo.I used Cream O’ cookie to substitute Oreo because it is more affordable.

In making Fried Cream O’ I just need the following ingredients:

1 cup buttermilk pancake mix

3/4 cup ice water

1 quart of oil

1 sleeve of Crème O’ cookies

2 tablespoons of sugar

First, I’ll just freeze the Crème O’ cookies in 2 hours. Second, in a deep fryer, I’ll heat oil to 350 degrees F. While heating the oil, I’ll stir the water in a bowl together with the buttermilk pancake mix until it thoroughly combined. Then I’ll dip the cookies making a thin coat completely around it. Afterwards, I’ll fry each cookie until it becomes golden brown and sprinkle it with sugar.

You can serve it in to a family gathering, small party or just in a get-together with your friends.

A great masterpiece

I really wanted to learn how to cook especially those Filipino cuisines such as adobo, caldereta, sinigang, etc. And to tell you honestly, we have a small business of carinderia whom my mother used to manage. Whenever she prepares different dishes, she always calls me to watch her how she cooks them. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time to catch up and forget easily all her instructions.

My mom cooks best!

But, even I haven’t got that cooking skill from my mother; I believed that few years from now I already put up a small restaurant for her. A masterpiece that I’ll be proud of for the rest of my life.



3 responses to “Food masterpiece

  1. hotdog is also my bestfrend but i just fry it, the fried cream-o is what i want. i understand you that you also dont know how to cook same here jona, great food great article (87)

  2. Please avoid dull expressions, “my mother that every woman should possessed off,” I have to prepare my food on my own.” Good personal account with interesting details. Suggest you learn your Mum’s way with food and cooking them, so you can complete the cycle of attracting your gentleman through the heart and stomach! I assume you know that journalism is a deadline dependent activity. [88]

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