To the future and beyond


In the year 2021 I’m now living in Canada and lucky to have published successful novels that is being sold around the world. Last night when I was just finishing the last chapter of my new book I came to a dead end maybe because I’m starting to get sleepy so I decided to open my facebook account and chat with my college friends which fortunately all logged in during the night. Honestly I still are blown away of how far all us came through all these years.

Paulo now is a successful lawyer which specializes in criminal law, which is funny because I’ve always predicted that he’ll a lawyer. And because of his success he just told me that  many political parties are encouraging him to join them, but according to him his planning to join a party list.

Khat and Josh are now top Editor and co-owners of a well known magazine that is being  recognized in the Philippines and also abroad. Now they are bugging me for a interview because of my new book and I think they are expecting to have a sneak peek in the new novel give in to (yeah good luck with that)

Angelica is now in Egypt for her travel article and now complaining about the heat and also about khat and josh because they are the ones who sent there. Maybe I should have told her to stop complaining because the next time she might be shipped o the north pole which is by now is still continuing to melt.

Jona is now a well known sports writer and sometimes commentator, by now she must be in Los Angeles covering the NBA finals and according to her she will have a one-on-one interviews from some top players after the game.

And of course there’s Melissa whose just slipping in the conversation last night because of her hectic schedule as a top news anchor  of GMA 7, having countless programs and still many projects in waiting

In ten years all of us have reached our own dreams but there’s so much more to be done so I hope that we don’t stop in achieving one dream after another .





2 responses to “To the future and beyond

  1. Wow! So even in the field Khat and I will be together. WALANG SAWAAN. Hehe! Anyway, there is no prediction for Sir Alex and Amor. I think you missed that. But it’s a good article. Definitely better than your previous ones. 82

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