Quo vadis 2011 seniors?

Quo Vadis 2011 seniors?

by Paulo Gaborni

Quo Vadis seniors? Are they still studying or slacking?

Well…As the curtains nearly drew into a close, I would say that despite these kinds of acts, this is the last part of my school life. From preschool to college, we’ve experienced everything-from being reprimanded to appraised, and from being sad just because of having a grade of 5 to happy for having a grade of 1.5.

But before I leave and close the doors of the four-cornered cell, here are the “fates” of certain personalities I met, talked, joined with, everything that made me happy than in High School (sorry for telling it, I am a bit bogged down by sad memories coming from that era).

Khat Bonagua may have worked for Preview, Cosmopolitan and even Elle before having a line of fashion accessories and apparel designed by her’s (good if I joined in the designing team). And perhaps, as time goes by, she may also had a good guy to be with. God willing!

Anj Ducusin will finally work in the Manila Times as one of the editors. And with her good skill (and support of her colleagues in MT like one of my friends outside UE), for sure would gain MT’s popularity and prestige as the newspaper other than Inquirer and Star. She may also worked as a PR practitioner if she do so, same as in Advertising.

As for Amor Claveria, she would have been in Paris working as a freelance writer or studying in Sorbonne, taking up law. Her sideline would have been teaching tagalog and kapangpangan for French students willing to study Filipino culture, and Amor would have the capacity to do so (If she so so).

Jona Antonio? She may pursue her job as a sportswriter and or a field reporter especially in Sports news in Balls or in Baksetball TV. In fairness, she liked basketball or if she wanted another ballgame, perhaps football as the Azkals nearly-replaced basketball as the game usually being watched on TV.

Based on my observation as a student, I think that Melissa Cruz would have been working in the tabloid industry like “Pilipino Star” or “Bulgar” (Sorry for that). At the same time, working in a high school as a coordinator for a campus publication. For sure most students would entice to take up Journalism just because of her profession.

Josh Fulgencio may had spend time as an events coordinator and pursuing her job on advertising and PR management. For sure she had enough money to have her own roof, afford to buy everything and “live the the life to the fullest” since she continues to do her church-work a la Kata Innocencio hehe..

Anthony Montaos would have been working hard to reduce his weight, control his blood sugar levels and at the same time doing well in his profession as a writer and a government employee (much into public affairs so to speak). He may have difficulty in reducing his weight just to decrease the risks of heart failure and diabetes, but still he opted to have a healthy living instead of drinking too much soda and eating much fat.

For Sir Alex Maaliw, perhaps he’s still writing, keeping his blog and at the same time taking care of his grandchildren in Walnut street. After all, he passed everything from ripping the sheets via the telex to teaching Journalism to his students. He may still insist in teaching, working in an NGO (like I), and at the same time making his blog profitable aside from having his retirement money.

And yours truely, perhaps he’s working in a Non-Government Organization (NGO), IBON or EILER (Ecumenical Institution for Labor Research) perhaps, both as a writer and researcher. At the same time, he’s pursuing his studies on Sociology, Fine Arts, or Law in UP Diliman and even had some time molding clay, drawing and writing some literary works through his blog or I should say, immersing in his imagination or deconstructing himself in the comfort of his home, alone or (impossibly) with his wife as well.

Otherwise, he may have joined the nice people somewhere in Cordillera.

But not all predictions come true. But for now, as what Tado said in Strangebrew:

study hard and good sleeping habits.


One response to “Quo vadis 2011 seniors?

  1. Please observe correct idioms and expressions in writing, e.g. “As the curtains nearly drew into a close.” Please avoid “before I leave and close the doors of the four-cornered cell,” accessories and apparel designed by her’s, ” trite expressions. There are so many in the article above. Thanks for your nice words, but journalists should strictly observe deadlines [80]

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