The Next Great Decade

This season in my life, I should say, is one of the most saddening and most fulfilling at the same time. Saddening because in a few more weeks, it’s, “Sayonara, UE…” Fulfilling because it’s the end of the four long years spent studying in college. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to the most wonderful memories gathered through the last four years. On the other hand it is also exciting to finally face the real world and apply all the principles learned from studying.

But before I leave the university, I would like to play a game – a game where I can go “predict” a future for my colleagues in this subject. Here goes:

Anti-law-breaker Brian

Kuya Brye, as he is most often called in the Journ family, is known for his family’s connections – lawyers, senators, and some others in the political realm. These connections had brought us to some places through the years that we were with him. That is why I couldn’t think of anything better for him to be but to become a lawyer. After graduating Journalism in the university, he would take his family’s advice and pursue law school at either San Beda College or the University of the Philippines. He will have even more connections that will eventually get him a career as an attorney after he passes the Bar Examinations. But no, Kuya Brye will not be too blinded by the fortune he is getting from his successful cases. He will still keep humble by offering his services discounted to those less privileged people that deserve justice. He will not entirely put Journalism aside. Rather, while he is serving fairness being a lawyer, he will publish different books about his journey. It will inspire many that it will be a best-seller here and internationally.

Paulo, the Politician

While Kuya Brye is known for his lineage connections, Paulo is always known for his all-out advocacy for justice and change in the society. Several times he would tell us stories about what happened in the last rally he participated in and even show us pictures. His Journalism course even boosted this fire in him to continuously call for change in the government. But soon enough, Paulo would probably get tired of just always participating in rallies. He’ll realize one day that if he wants change, it needs to start from himself. After he graduates he would start writing in a mainstream broadsheet newspaper like the Philippine Daily Inquirer or Philippine Star. He will eventually be given his own column in the opinion page because his skills in expressing his thoughts are just plain noticeable. In six years time, he’ll be deciding to enter politics to finally fulfill his urge to push for change and service to the public. With the help of Kuya Brye (and his connections) and other friends in the media industry, he will formally make known his intention to run for a public office in the nearest national elections ten years from now. Because he has great friends in the media that believes in him and is ready to help him pursue change in the society, he will constantly win every position he intend to run for.

Melissa and Her Best-Selling Stories

Melissa is very much into different books. She collects books of different authors, different stories. She is delighted when she discovers books with stories worth the read and the pay. Melissa will use her Journalism skills to write her own journey. She will write stories that reflect her own life – stories ranging from love, to family, to loss and gains, and the likes. And because her stories are so real and so great, many publishers will offer her big-time proposals. Many of her stories will get published, some of them landing the spot of best-selling Filipino books. Her market is college and young professionals and she never fails to inspire them with the stories of her own life. She is on a quest to discover the precious love she has waited all her life for, and she’ll write every detail of it for her next books. By then, I think her Mr. Right is nearly on his way to her.

Jona on the Court!

Jona is very much known for her ever-skillful sports writing. She loves sports and understands them well that could really help her reporting. After graduation, Jona will continue working for PBA Productions, where she also had her internship, as one of their productions staff. She will keep working behind the scenes until her talents finally get acknowledged in the open. Her executive producer will eventually notice that she is a pretty face full of talent and personality. With a little more public speaking training she will finally be hired as one of the courtside reporters of PBA. And then, in ten years time, she’ll inspire female sports writer like her when she finally becomes a female sports analyst alongside Chino Trinidad and etc. She’ll go places to witness different sports in different countries and just learn them, making her better and better as an analyst. Many will look up to her as a small but terrible, female yet very proficient in her expertise.

I, on the other hand, have a very important role in another time of her life. First is that I will help her future basketball player boyfriend organize his wedding proposal for her. It will be unexpected yet very intimate for the two of them. Second is, being her best friend, become her Maid of Honor on their fancy garden wedding. I will be so delighted to do that for her on a very special season of her life.

The Fierce Amor

Amor is known for her acing of our exposé reports in the editorial subject and the Pineda Jueteng Investigative Report. However, everybody knows she’s leaving for Paris in a few months. In Paris, Amor is going to master Journalism. She’ll be learning a lot about the French media but it will only make her an expert in the field. She will work in a media organization there and she will want to specialize in investigative reporting and documentaries. Amor maybe physically French by that time – probably she already tried tummy tucks, or have used high-end cosmetics like L’Oreal, or is “Gucci-fied” or “Louis-Vuitton-ized” from head to toe; but still, her heart remains a Filipino. Soon she’ll realize that she wants to use her talents for her own race’s benefit. She would use all the things she learned from Paris to further the industry in the Philippines. Obviously, Amor care less of the money she’ll get. She already has plenty. But her heart’s passion is to serve the Filipinos, exposing to the public what really needs to be rectified in the government system. Because of her very good reputation as investigative and documentary reporter in Paris, she’ll immediately get hired in PCIJ. And who knows, maybe instantly get tandemed with Malou Mangahas or Ed Lingao. Either way, she’ll stand out because of her brilliant skills and intellect.

Fashion: Bonagua

Khat has always been into fashion – the glitz and the glamour, the shining and the shimmering – she wants them all. She has always been into magazines, reading every single lines of a page of a Cosmo mag. She even took her chances as an intern in a very high-end magazine company (didn’t work out for her after a while, though). That is why, after she graduates, she’ll apply at Summit Media Publishing Company as one of its writers. She won’t instantly land in the magazine of her choice but because of her unique and creative writing skills, she’ll eventually be one of Preview Magazines editorial staff. And because of her broad and progressing love and knowledge for fashion, she’ll replace Liz Uy as Preview’s Fashion editor, after ten years. Her fashion sense and writing skills will just be so intense, she’ll even have her own website that will be followed by tons of different fashion maniacs including celebrities and designers. Soon enough, she’ll have designer friends that will help her launch her own line. She’ll be the most glamorous journalist by profession and by appearance!

Angelica Ducusin, Lifestyle Editor

Anj is by heart a true writer. She writes about anything and everything in the world that concerns her and her surroundings. She knows just how to express the things affecting her life and she draws emotions within herself in each write-up.

After graduation, although she feels exhausted of being a news reporter taken from her OJT experience, she will choose to challenge herself into entering a newspaper organization and become their junior news reporter. She’ll do each beat excellently and will always see to it that she works efficiently in all her assignments. She’ll be so good her senior will try assigning her a features piece. As she aces it, she’ll be transferred into the lifestyle page staff and start writing lifestyle articles. She’ll do the two things she loves the most – writing and travelling. She’ll explore the whole country and other Asian countries, taste different cuisines and learn different cultures, and she would write about them in their Lifestyle page. Soon, she’ll be their lifestyle editor because her employer is very well pleased with her skills and exploring much mind.

Sir Alex with a Column

Sir Alex is known for his intellectual yet very entertaining articles. He writes a blog once in a while with topics ranging from societal affairs to just plain personal concerns. He has a way with words. Most often he uses humor to keep his readers going but it just comes secondary to what he’s really trying to tell. He is a very opinionated person and he obtains “believers” from his avid readers.

Sir Alex is keeping a blog. In the future, this blog, because of its growing number of followers, will be acknowledged in the open. Many is entertained and moved by his entries that it will one day be awarded with a People’s Choice Award in a blog contest and a Best Opinion Blog-site Award as well. A media scout will discover his blog and will soon offer him a job in a broadsheet newspaper as one of its columnists. He’ll finally have a real column named after him and obtain even greater number of readers. He’ll do what he does best and get paid for it. On the other hand, he will probably continue teaching at the university as a part-time professor and be invited to speak at different university seminars about opinion writing or simply about his success stories.

More than just a prediction, a good future – oh scratch that – a GREAT future is what I want for each of my batch-mates and professor. It has been a very bumpy but nonetheless an enjoyable ride. I hope this isn’t the last of our trip together but just another phase into an even more amazing adventure to come!#



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  1. Please avoid missing articles like in previous posts, “After graduating Journalism in the university,” serving fairness being a lawyer,” collects books of different authors, different stories,” alongside Chino Trinidad and etc.,” Amor care less of,” Many is entertained.” Nice and detailed article and thanks for the nice future ahead. However, journalism is a discipline that requires strict deadlines, as you already know. [85]

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