what will happen to us 10 years from now?

The graduating class of Journalism major are finally saying goodbye. There are a lot of beautiful memories to cherish and remember. I will absolutely not forget my classmates because they are the ones that I am with when there are group projects, paper works, thesis making. Truly, I enjoyed my stay in the University because of my classmates who are also my friends. But I am thinking… After graduation and after many years apart, what will be our careers?

Amor Claveria will stay here in the Philippines and she will be a freelance writer for Summit Media magazines like Cosmopolitan, MEG, and other girly magazines. She will use her time wisely here in the Philippines before finally moving to Paris. There, she will be a successful beauty stylist for aspiring artists and models. She will meet her love of her life in Paris, who is a successful businessman there.

Angelica Ducusin will finally be joining Bb. Pilipinas and she will use her experience in our college years when she joined Ms. CAS. She will be a magazine editor for a teenage magazine, Candy. She wants to impart to the youth her love for writing and cosmetics and wants to help the teenage girls with their problems about life and love.

Joshua Fulgencio will also be a magazine editor for Reader’s Digest since she loves to get new information and let others know about anything under the sun or maybe she will be a writer for their magazine in their church, and she is still busy with events organizing since she was already doing that in our college years. She still plans on teaching high school students because she wants to share her knowledge with the youth.

Jonalyn Antonio will be a sports writer, no doubt about that because she loves basketball and she was writing about sports in our University paper, Dawn. She will meet her husband in the court, who is a beasketball player and she will always be there to cover the event and also to watch the guy play as well.

Khatrina Bonagua will be a fashion stylist for high end magazines like Preview and Metro since she is interested in dressing up and she sure knows how to dress well, she does not follow new trends because she is the one who starts it. And for her love for dressing, she will be working with Liz Uy and other fashion stylist and will make name in the fashion industry.

Paulo Gaborni will be a professor of History since he knows everything about the things that happened in the past and he is interested in reading current events and always has ideas about anything. He is still an activist and stands firmly on what he believes in.

Brian Montaos will be a practicing lawyer since he loves our Media Law class and always get the highest grades in quizzes and exams. He will also write for a health magazine and will impart to the youth the importance of eating healthy and having daily exercise. What happened to him before will be his guide in writing for people with the same health condition and it is best because the information he will sharing comes from own experience.

Prof Alex Maaliw will be relaxing in his beach house, reading a book and just having fun. He will be playing around with his grandchildren and he has no plans of travelling, he just wants to stay in his beach house.

The things we do today will have a big impact on the future. So enjoy life, do what you like, explore places and just have fun. #


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